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Fohhn Audio AL-100 Linea

Акустический линейный массив


Fohhn Audio AL-100 Linea

Акустический линейный массив, SPLmax 122db, 200вт, 8ом, 140Hx15V, 11x99x14,2см, 10кг

Line source speaker system with 2-way speaker technology. The Fohhn® line source speaker system Linea AL-100 is a successful symbiosis of design and functionality. The AL-100 was especially developed for difficult acoustic conditions with long reverberation times such as churches, museums, conference rooms etc. 

With a length of 100cm and 10 integrated high-performance speakers in total, the Linea AL-100 is able to generate a very accurate, cylindrical dispersion (line array principle). Because of this, the AL-100 is also more effective than conventional speakers at dispersing the sound directly at the listener. Less sound is reflected off the ceiling or floor, which improves speech intelligibility considerably. Therefore, the Linea AL-100 convinces both with a very natural and clear sound pattern and its excellent quality of speech transmissions in difficult acoustics.

For more powerful music contributions, the AL-100 can easily and safe be combined with the AS-10, AS-20, AS-30 or XS-10, XS-20, XS-30 subwoofers. In churches or events with speech- and music transmissions, the AL-100 guarantees both an outstanding speech intelligibility and powerful sound with sufficient bass for music transmissions.

>DSP technology<
Fohhn® DSP processor technology modulates the Linea speakers and Fohhn subwoofers perfectly. Digital Fohhn signal processors are integral components of active Fohhn subwoofers, Fohhn DSP amplifiers and Fohhn DSP controllers. DSP-controlled Fohhn devices can be controlled remotely from a central location in the room or on the stage via a remote control unit (FR-10). Fohhn therefore offers a perfectly adapted sound system that fulfils all requirements of a modern speaker system regarding design, sound quality and operating comfort in every respect.

The AL-100 is a line source speaker system with precise and minimal-phase dispersion characteristics (HxV) 140° x 15° (>1,5 kHz), in 2-way technology. Integrated passive, phase-optimized crossover, with all necessary elements of linearization, as well as a switch on the back for speech and music. 10 x 3.3” chassis, available in 8 ohms or optional as 100V-version (50W / 25W / 12,5W). Rounded design-enclosure in black or white rubbing-varnish. Available in all RAL-colors, acoustic foam front cover.

Data files for simulation programs ULYSSES and EASE are available.

8-way Phoenix terminal strip, two adjacent pins are always connected in parallel to loop through another speaker system.

Churches, halls, museums, castles, conference rooms, hotels ...